Truck Ops in Downingtown, PA

This weeknd TT Instructors Doug Mitchell, Nick Martin, Mike Stothers, Tony Kelleher, Chris Birch, and Sean Sinon headed to Downingtown, PA just outside Philly in Chester County for a 16-hour hands on class focusing on truck company operations.  The guys had a great old mill complex for us – which included a 2.5 story private dwelling and a 2-story old commercial building with plenty of space for roof work.

After a few hours of classroom we spent the rest of the weekend outside.  Even though it was cold with some snow on the ground, everyone had so much work to do we never got cold.  Some of the skill stations included:

  • Proper use of VES technique
  • Flat-roof operations
  • Conventional and Thru-The-Lock forcible entry
  • Search and removal of civilian victims
  • Mask confidence
  • “Two-Team” Truck Ops for Suburban Fire Depts

The students were skilled and enthusiastic.  There were plenty of doors and roofs for everyone to practice on.  We wrapped up the weekend with a few scenarios where students tried out some new skills during a simulated structural fire, employing the two-team techniques to serach, ladder, and vent two floors in just a few minutes.


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