Spring in Farmington, Maine: Firefighter Survival

April 19 & 20:  TT Instructors Nick Martin, Doug Mitchell, Mike Stothers, and Danny Doyle flew into Portland on Friday before driving about 2 hours into central Maine to meet-up with Lt. Tim Hardy and members of the Farmington Fire Department.  The topic of the weekend was a 16-hour firefighter self-survival class.  Members went over SCBA emergencies, “bailout” procedures, orientation techniques and more.  On Sunday they put it all together by successfully navigating a series of challenging scenarios, where they had to overcome simulated emergencies such as disorientation, entanglement, out-of-air, collapse, and more.  

It was a blast to work with the guys from Farmington.  Its always intriguing and reassuring to see how the same things can be in the world of firefighting, even when you are in some place so different.  We were all very impressed with the caliber and attitudes of the students and had a great time enjoying some very scenic country and fine cuisine (ie: fresh seafood…)

Checkout more pics from their gallery:




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