Halligan Anchor Point

Thanks to TT Instructor Capt. Dan Shaw for this illustration of how to use a halligan bar as an inpromtu anchor-point.  Though primarily for emergency bailouts, its a good idea to keep in mind for whatever situation you may need it for.

Starting with the end of a rope having a Figure-8 on a bight, pass the loop of the bight between the blades of the fork.  Bring the running end of the rope around the pick and then make a hitch around the shaft, above the know.  THEN spike the halligan into the floor.  With practice, this can be accomplished very quickly.

  • You are in a emergency bail-out situation.  What other techniques / options do you have for a fast anchor point?
  • What are you carrying in your pockets that could help you get out of a bad situation?
    • Webbing?
    • Commercial bailout kit (Exo, etc?)
    • Just rope?


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