Engine Ops with Martins Corner, PA

This past weekend, August 9 & 10, we headed back to Chester County, PA for a 16-hour “Engine Company Operations” course hosted by the Martins Corner Fire Company.  We got in town on Friday night and had dinner with the members while we familiarized ourselves with their operations & equipment.  Class consisted of 4 hours of classroom on Saturday, with the remaining 12 hours outside.  Skills covered included:

  • Long-Length (400′) attack lines
  • “Pushing in” with 1.75 and 2.5″ attack lines
  • Combat-Ready Firefighting
  • Extending Lines with a “rack” or with another line
  • Fire Attack Techniques
  • Skills for a strong Backup Firefighter

By the end of the weekend students were masking up at the door in less than 30 seconds and advancing hoselines over 400′ in under 90 seconds.  We wrapped up on Sunday with a house fire “box alarm” with fire on 2 floors.  Everyone excelled – in under 5 minutes they had two independent water supplies and 4 attack lines in service (two on each floor) stretched distances of 150 to 400 feet. 

We focused a lot on thinking ahead and out of the box to make a smart, smooth stretch and spent alot of time on the important role of the backup firefighter.  Also attending were members of the Parkesburg, Sadsburyville, and Honey Brook Fire Companies.

Thanks to Kriss Salinski for over 300 pictures.  See them all here.


3 Responses

  1. Once again another very informative and thought provoking class taught by traditions. Really makes you think outside the “norm” to find out what really works best for your department. Keep up the great work!!!!!

  2. You guys never fail to dissapoint!!! I know myself and several of our members including the Chief came away from the class with many new ideas and improvements to be made… Great class and keep up the good work as always guys, cant wait to have a Truck Co. class

  3. Pictures are up, contact me for cd’s! Thanks again for a great weekend everyone!

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