Great Forcible Entry Resource

If you haven’t already seen it, check out the “FDNY Forcible Entry Manual”…. There are some excellent tips for forcing all types of doors with all types of tools, as well as some good in-house modifications for your forcible entry equipment.

Be sure to check out some good ideas on forcing magnetic locks, which have become increasingly popular (page 85)…

FE Manual

Also check out this great in-house forcible entry prop.  This particular prop was built in the basement of FDNY’s Ladder 28 and features reusable props for conventional inward/outward methods, thru-the-lock, as well as roll-up and security gate props.  There is also some pictures of an outside prop below that could be constructed anywhere.

Though we don’t always have a FE challenge at every fire or run, when we do have one our ability to overcome it will usually “make or break” the operation.  How many firehouse basements are storage areas have you seen that are just wasted space?  These props represent an excellent heads-up use of what would have probably otherwise been wasted space – they were probably also built for almost nothing.

More Pictures of the Props


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  1. What an excellent manual, thanks for posting this!

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