O’ Da Chain…

Report of a fire in apartment 3F.  Your crew is in position, they are combat ready, they are forcing the apartment door.  HIT, HIT, HIT!!!   The crew pops the deadbolt and opens an inch or two, the door belches black smoke.  But alas, the door will not spring open!  

What’s holding us back now?

Security Chain

Security Chain


If you notice this little guy engaged when you are forcing a door, what’s it mean to you?  Well, its simple….unless there is a secondary means of escape, you are going to find someone in the apartment.  You got da chain, good chance you got da people in there…


2 Responses

  1. Do any of the instructors have any tips on maintaining forcible entry tools? Along the lines of forcible entry, do any of you have any tips about forcing fox locks?

  2. Chris,

    You’ve inspired me. See this post:

    I’ll have something on Fox Locks for you later when I get home…


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