Sound that FLOOR!

How many times have you taken the floor for granted?  That’s right we’ve all done it!   Usually until you learn the hard way!  You crawl across during your search, limited to no visibility.  Pushing that line down the hall looking for the basement stairs.  Nothing making sure your next move isn’t DOWN… “Combat Ready” doesn’t stop at the front door!  It should be in your mind all the time.  Tell yourself to crab walk with that hoseline, so your center of gravity is toward the back.  Keeping a foot out front.   During your search, use the same tactic.  Along with sounding with your tool!!!  " Mayday Mayday Mayday"Using the crab walk will let you see the conditions that are rapidly changing above your head!!!  Those same conditions that kill Brothers and Sisters everyday!  Work smarter not harder!  Be Safe…


One Response

  1. Excellent point Danny. Another “bad habit” that many basic fire schools teach is “crawl on your hands and knees”… I don’t like this because:

    1) you can’t see the conditions over your head.
    2) you can’t really even see in front of you, just beneath you.
    3) if you hit a hole, your upper body will go through first and your center of gravity will pull you all the way down – very low chance of recovery.

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