You’re on the Truck and given the assignment to vent the roof. Easy, right?

You are riding the truck and arrive at a working fire in an elementary school. The Chief assigns you to vent the roof because the Engine is having a hard time making the push to get to the seat of the fire and Truck is crying that it is too hot (as they often do!). Sounds easy right? Imagine the first picture is Side Adam and you have a considerable amount of smoke and fire showing, seems managable, you’ll head to roof, determine the area over top the fire, make your cut, and the companies will be able to complete their jobs. One problem, take a look at the next set of pictures, the roof is a ball field and playground! As our society becomes more “green”, this technique of building schools to use the earth to assist in insulating is becoming more common. Talk amongst your crew and devise how you would vent the roof? What would be your game plan? What would be your radio report to the Chief? 

The key to this fire and getting out and knowing your area. Just like a cop who walks the beat, we need to know our buildings before they are on fire.


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