Back to Basics Drill

Put it in the category of oldie-but-a- goodie, but here is a drill for you to run at your Firehouse that requires minimal setup but will achieve maximum results. We have seen too many LODD’s and close calls that fall into the “lost/disoriented” category that may have been prevented. Most have not done a hose coupling identification drill in zero visibility since recruit school but it only takes one time when you are in trouble to understand how important this skill is to have.

Have each person black out their face piece and follow a 1 3/4″ hose line for about 50-100′ feet, than take the next section of hose and jumble it up (put it in knots, over couches, under the Engine Co., etc.)so that the FF will have to carefully follow it. When they get to the next coupling, have them identify which way is towards the fire, and which way is towards the exit. Record the results and review with everyone afterwards, hopefully you will have 100% success but unfortunately, you probably will not. Try to come up with new and innovative ways to remember how to get out, for instance, smooth – bump – bump to the pump. Which equates to the smooth male coupling to the first lugs and than the female lugs and out to the Engine and safety. Post your comments for all to learn and share



2 Responses

  1. Dan
    Unfortunately, you are probably right that many have not followed a line since coming on the job. A modification to this is after everyone has gone thru once, add a 2 ½”. It might surprise you how many people will crawl over the big line chasing the 1 ¾” not realizing it will expedite egress travel. Just a thought.

  2. Excellent idea and thanks for the post! If we can have this skill of following hoselines firmly planted in our sub-conscious prior to going to fires than maybe we can begin to bring down the LODDS, thanks again for you willingness to share.

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