Forcible Entry Tool Maintenance

Chris Good of West Chester, PA asked a “good”  (get it, lol) question in the comments of another post – “Do any of the instructors have any tips on maintaining forcible entry tools? ”  Here are a few quick thoughts on the topic…

Tools require regular maintenance and care, whether they have been used recently or not.  A tool will take care of you only as well as you take care of it. 

  1. Handheld grinder with a wire brush: lets you quickly and easily clean off the metal parts of a halligan bar or axe (and many other tools).  This will also let you get in the tight corners to remove rust, debris, etc…
  2. Don’t paint the tools:  with the exception of some small company or unit markings, – especially stirking surfaces.
  3. Don’t add “grips” to Halligan bars: (celtex, hockey tape and wire, etc…).  A quality halligan bar has an octognal shaft as part of the design, which is more than sufficient for grip, even when wet.  In addition, the addition of a grip can inhibit the bar’s use during certain techniques.
  4. A thin coat of linseed oil or maybe some clearcoat spray can buy you some time before rust sets in.
  5. Either way, maintenance has to be a regular thing – whether the tool was used recently or not.

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  1. Thank you for posting this information.

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