What I Keep in My Pockets: Sean Sinon

(Continuing in our “Pockets” series, Sean Sinon of DCFD T-6 shares what he carries…)

As a ladder truck driver in Washington DC, we are required to preform a variety of tasks on firegrounds along with every other situation that ‘s thrown our way.  These are the tools I carry to make life a little easier and help get the job done.  

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Right Breast

Right angled flashlight, as a backup to my box light.


Left Breast

Attached is a rubber handle, stainless steel folding knife.  You always need a good knife.  I also have a adapter for buddy breathing with the Scott 4.5.  In the radio pocket I carry 20 feet of tubular nylon webbing with a carabiner attached.  Stuffed behind the webbing is a cable cutter.

Right Waist Pocket

Hood, gloves, and a small tool bag.  Tool bag contains two electrical adaptors, safety glasses, seatbelt cutter, folding knife, and center punch.


Left Waist Pocket

This is part of my personal escape system.  It is designed primarily to get me off the roof and works with the Gemntor Harness.  Contained in a bag that fits in the pocket is 50 feet of 5/8 inch kernmantle rope with escape hook and descent device.


Tool Bag

The bag I carry with me on the truck contains an assortment of tools I use in everyday truck company life.  An assortment of wrenches, adjustable and socket, putty for stopping leaks, screw drivers, electrical tape and twist caps, a old gas shut off wrench, along with several others you can see pictured.  This bag is not carried on my PPE, but in the rig with me.

The term “Combat Ready” applies to emergency and non emergency incidents.  We must be prepared to to handle any situation that comes our way.  I have gathered this collection of tools through experience and I am always looking for other ideas.   All can be purchased from your local hardware store or fire supply store.


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  1. Hey… Can I get one of those cigars? in your tool bag.

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