Rest easy brothers…

It’s been seven long years since that unforgettable blue sky morning in September 2001.  Many of our lives changed forever on that 11th day.  It cut deep into all of us, whether an FDNY fireman or not….the emotions were there…

To all those who we lost:  We will never forget you or your families left behind.  We will carry on the great traditions of the job that you instilled in us, and promise to pass them along to the next brother thru the door.  Rest easy brothers, we know you are here with us….

September 11th 2008

September 11th 2008

Especially those members of my company:

TL-13: Capt Walter Hynes, Fr. Tom Sabella, Fr. Gregory Stajk, Fr. Thomas Hetzel, Fr. Dennis McHugh 

E-22: Fr. Martin McWilliams, Fr. Vincent Kane, Fr. Mike Elferis, Fr. Tom Casoria


In an ever changing dynamic world, we must continue to look out for one another, on the fireground and at the kitchen table.  No one cares more for us…… than us.  Be your brothers keeper, stay safe, God bless the brothers and God bless America.


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  1. Sure seems like most the country has forgotten about the fire service. September 11th media told us about a former President& a Presidential hopeful had lunch in Harlem with the occasional mention of the 343 lost on that day 7 years prior. Everyday we see budget cuts to those that are the REAL 1st line of defense, while still being expected to do more with less. At least some of us still remember. RFB FOREVER!

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