What I keep in my pockets: Danny Doyle

“Practical Pockets” was something that I was taught very early in the fire service.  If you take a look at the last few posts, that’s exactly what you’ll find.  Depending on the characteristics of ones response area along with the rig that they’re riding on at the time, can determine exactly what fills they’re pockets!   Working off of both Engine and Truck Company 8 in the City of Pittsburgh can through a lot of change into your game plan.  First and foremost you have to be in the right frame of mind for the rig your on!  Then pull from your district familiarization to know what type of building.  All of this goes back to being “Combat Ready”!  Being able to work smarter not harder promotes efficiency.  I think you’ll find some interesting things in our pockets.  Hopefully, you are carrying some of the same if it applies.  Please share if you have something different! No secrets in survival!


 Pants are first!  I like using my billow pockets. They’re larger in size.  Which makes it easier to get into with gloves on! 

  • Right Leg
  • Wire cutters – One of the most important in my book!  These cutters have blades that cross so that the material is being cut all the way through!
  • Rope hose tool – For those days on the engine!  Great for well raises and fire escape work! 
  • Left leg
  • Webbing– 20ft of 2 inch webbing with a large carabiner. Tied in a loop.  Its larger in size so that its simple to use with Structural gloves. The carabiner helps in clipping into the scba straps of a downed firefighter. 
  • Chocks – You can’t carry enough chocks!  got em in the pants, coat, and helmet!  Keep those doors open…
  • Leatherman– Tyring to lighten the load.  In trial mode right now!  I normally carry a multi-driver and pliers.  (Holster on belt strap)
  • Coat
  • Wire Cutters – Yup! 2nd pair!  in the radio pocket!  My radio is carried under my coat on a strap!  Bringing the mic through the top snap.  Reduce that profile!
  • Flashlights – 2 lights!  One clipped to my left chest.  Along with a box light with a quick release strap. 
  • Chocks – couple more in the left pocket.
  • Elevator keys– a fire service key along with three hoist-way door keys commonly found in the  !st due area.
  • Not pictured…
  • Door straps  – 2
  • Shove knife  – I agree with Nick!  Cause the Captain doesn’t like damage! 

Of course the typical… Structural and work gloves and two hoods.

Take a look around your response area!  See what applies to you!  Equip yourself with practical pockets…


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