For the Chiefs: MAYDAY Management

A MAYDAY incident can be one of the most difficult incidents you’ll ever have to manage.  There is so much information and so much emotion… Everyone will be yelling at you: in person, on the radio.  Plus, you still have a fire to run.

I am certainly NOT of the “command boards and vests solve our problems” school of firefighting, however just like any other good, functional tool the proper command sheets can help you streamline the management of your incident and prevent you from forgetting important details.

Attached is the District of Columbia Fire Departments newly revised MAYDAY Management Worksheet.  This is a city-wide sheet used by all command officers to manage the initial stages of a mayday.  I think it has some very good parts:


  • The left side of the front serves as a checklists to make sure essential duties occur.
  • The top center paragraph is READ OVER THE RADIO on the tactical channel anytime a MAYDAY occurs.
  • The next paragraph below is is read over the radio to our Communications.
  • The rest of the sheet gets your thoughts on paper so you can organize the incident and conduct the rescue.
I am sure there are many similar version of this out there.  What does your department have?

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