Most of us have had the unfortunate experience of working/volunteering for a boss who is much more concerned about how something looks rather than how it works…  Unfortunately you can see this illustrated on A LOT of fire apparatus out there.   

  • Dysfunctional hose loads – because we don’t want hose-ears or nozzles sticking out…
  • Inaccessible tools…
Fortunately, not all fire chiefs think like this.  Some are able to recognize that fire trucks are for firefighting, not for winning the county parade.  Joshua Schreiber from the Parkesburg (PA) Fire Department is fortunate enough to have such a chief (Chief Ray Stackhouse).  He sent in this idea regarding the recent standpipe rack discussions….


E-Mail from Josh:

Was looking around on your guys blog and saw the whole standpipe blog, 
After the engine class we took with you guys that Martins Corner put on we implemented a few of the ideas we picked up from you guys.

We now have 2 100′ “Bumper Racks” strapped down to the bumper of our wagon. They are  both identical and took me about 2 hours to put together and mount on the rig. They have 100′ of 1 3/4″ hose racked up like the pack done in your class, They are held together by 3 cot straps from the bone box and have a small tool pouch attached with 1″ webbing and a quick release buckle around the rack. Inside the tool bag is 2 spanners, a 2 1/2″ – 1 3/4 adapter and our 1/2″ tip. We have our smooth bore nozzles attached to the lines with the 15/16″ tip on them.

We haven’t had the chance to deploy them on a fire yet but have used them in back bay training when were hanging out and they work great. I just want to let you know that you guys put on one hell of a class and I cant wait to have you guys back out again… hopefully for our Truck Co class. I attached a few pictures that i took after I got the lines done and mounted on the rig. I attached the lines with a second set of spare straps that, I had painted the buckles red on the rig straps to differentiate between the racks and the rig straps. They are mounted to the rig bumper with two bolts and fender washers on each strap to hold them in place. 

And once again thanks for the great classes you guys have put on in Chesco and the information you guys have given us as individuals and a company, After every class we take with you guys we all come away with great ideas for our company and for our individuals.  You guys are top notch and I look forward to training with you guys again! Have a good one and stay safe.


Joshua F. Schreiber
EMS Lieutenant
Parkesburg Fire Company #1



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