What’s in My Pockets: Doug Mitchell

Left and Right Pockets 


Left and Right Pockets

We use tools to get jobs done.  We are always taught, from day one in probie school, always carry a tool in your hands. We are also taught to never give up your tool.  We have a multitude of tools that we can get from the rig depending on the task at hand, but we can’t bring everything, every time….

Our pockets allow us to have a place to bring some important tools with us on EACH run.  Selecting tools and equipment that you carry with you in your pockets, knowing where everything is, and verifying it each tour is extremely important.  On the blog, we have shared with you some of what we carry and why…Here is what I have with me.  My turnout gear has only 2 pockets on the outside of the coat, so I am sure like many of you, space is at a premium.  Ok here we go…

Left and Right Pockets

Left and Right Pockets


Right Side:  Gloves (Fire/Emergency) *limited room here due to our PSS device on our hip along this right side

Left Side:  Tools/Equipment

*I must tell you that I keep 2 chocks in my helmet band (you can never really have enough chocks).



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