Do you know where you are?

Think about where you are right now.  Yeah, I’m talking about right now.  As you sit here reading this blog.  Can you describe your location in the building?  If you had limited or no visibility are there characteristics that can be identified to depict the room your in?  In order to reach your location, what did you encounter?  Did you go up or down stairs, pass through any doors?  The questions formed above are just a few of the things that can keep you from getting in or out of trouble!  Now, be honest with yourself.  How long did you have to think about it?  We’re not going to talk minutes.  Lets use something much more valuable, AIR!  If I was a betting man, I would say at least 6 to 10 breaths!  That’s along way when your low air alarm is going off and your sucking wind!   Staying oriented as you move through the war zone and completing the task at hand has to be practiced!  So many reasons come to mind. 

First and foremost would be Survival!!! That’s right… We want you to keep stopping back in the blog!  All kidding a side.  Being LOST AND DISORIENTED is a major contributor to our deaths!   When you call that MAYDAY you need to provide a target location for the RAPID INTERVENTION TEAM.  Don’t wait!  You can always cancel the mayday if you get out!  Time is life.  Think about characteristics in your own home and how they are the same across the board!  Stairs being stacked from the basement on up!  Objects in rooms.  Types of floors.  From different tile to carpet or concrete!  Where are common locations for certain rooms?  If you feel kitchen related objects, there may be a back door for the structure!  When your up that creek without a paddle, everything counts.

 Everyone at some time or another will need another line or help with victim removal.  How about the familiar call for hooks to get some ceiling down.   While you cant think and walk for others, you can help as much as possible.  Hopefully it will get them there faster.

Use all things available to keep yourself aware.  Checking the floor below in a high rise to get a quick glance at the layout!  Looking out a window as you move throughout a structure to refresh your memory as to where you may be.  A lot of neighborhoods that were built as planned communities or at the very least by the same developer, around the same time have similar layouts!  If you reference the first picture above it shows like buildings.  The larger the building the harder it can be!  In a future blog we are going to discuss the use of taglines. which can be an animal all in itself! 

I know what your thinking!  This is common sense, Right?  Ask the Brother or sister riding next to you,  what the building looked like on the next call.  See what the response is?  Hopefully we’re all on the ball!  Stay safe and keep your eyes open!  We all learn something new everyday!


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