Two Fires Worth Looking At & Thinking About…


Tech. Kyle Wilson - LODD 4/16/07

On April 16, 2007, 24 year-old Kyle Wilson was killed in the line of duty while operating at a house fire in Prince William County, Virginia – just south of Washington, DC.  Just over a year later, on May 25, 2008, seven firefighters in Loudoun County, VA  (just northwest of DC) were injured, two critically, in a fire that bears a lot of similarities.  The Fire Departments of both Prince William and Loudoun Counties have released not only comprehensive written reports, but some pretty informative videos.  

Instead of watching that 6th episode of “Family Guy” today, take some time and at least watch these videos. Take some time to think about what you see and don’t see, what you hear, and how you could prevent this from happening to you or your crew at your next fire.


Link to Meadowood Court Video

Link to Meadowood Court Video

Link to Kyle Wilson LODD Video

Link to Kyle Wilson LODD Video


3 Responses

  1. Nick,

    Great job posting the info, There is a lot to be learned from this information. Kudos to both Depts for sharing the info with the fire service world.

  2. Just a quick note, the LODD is listed as 08/16/07 under Kyle’s picture. It was actually 04/16/07 as stated in the article.

    RIP FF Wilson

  3. FYI: Direct video download here:

    ~188M WMV file.

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