“Inductive Loops” – Forcing Entry Through Electric Gates

In many areas, gated communities are becoming more common.  We frequently encounter mechanized gates that are chain-operated or work off a swing-arm, preventing us from accessing whatever it is we need to access.  When presented with these, we have a couple options…

  1. Have the key.  If we’re pro-active about our box alarm district, the manager might give us a key to keep in the map book or the rig so we don’t break his gate (see step 2).
  2. Cut the chain.  If it’s chain driven… But which chain?  There are two: short & long.  If you look, you’ll notice the shorter chain is under tension – cut that one.  Cutting the long one will do nothing for you.
  3. “Inductive Loops”.  Dave Pylar, a good friend from Tower 3 in DC and a part time TT instructor, shared with me this quick & simple way of opening these gates in a non-destructive manner.  Check out the PDF below for more information on how to look like an all-star the next time you encounter one of these….



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