Rapid Intervention Roles & Responsibilities

Happy Holidays, after a short break for vacation we’re back…  A while ago Brian Rayner asked about some thoughts on RIT responsibilities, so while it took me a while – I usually come through.

I’m going to share with you the recently revised policies for the DCFD on this topic.  Let me start off by saying that I don’t think this “the light”, or the only way.  I do think it’s a good idea, and that they work well.  But ultimately I’m just sharing what we do.  Hopefully you guys have some better ideas to share back, or maybe you’ll pick up something to take back and make work for your department….


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Unique Tools of the Trade by Lt. Pete Lund

I remember every phone call from Pete that started off with “You will not believe what JAF made this week”. JAF was better known as Jack-Ass Fabrications out of the shop at Rescue 2 in Brooklyn. His crew of fabricators were always coming up with the next best tool to end all tools. We at Kentland were always fortunate to be recipients of these tools as Pete would bring them down to try while he was riding the bar on Tower 33. As we would be sitting back in the office talking about the production of these tools the story would always go to the fireman that created the tool or the firemen that help develop it. These stories in his typical New York fashion had me always laughing out loud and usually in tears from laughing so hard. I wanted to share these tools with our readers and also give you a glimpse of the founder of Traditions Training Lt. Pete Lund, our friend and mentor and of course a great story teller. These descriptions were written by Pete for each of these tools…

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