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Open-Enrollment Class 1/17/09: Downingtown, PA

We will be presenting our Fighting Fires in Residential Buildings curriculum on Saturday 1/17/09 in Downingtown, PA (30 miles west of Philadelphia).  For more information & registration please click here.


So far, we have over 100+ attendees attending.  There is still plenty of room and registration will be open until the day of the class.

My Favorite Inspirational Fire Books

So this is a little separate from our normal topics, and you may ask – why the hell do I care what you read?  

  1. If you’re reading blogs like this, you’re a “fire nerd” – or at least care a good deal about the job.
  2. Everyone needs a little inspiration or pick-me-up, especially in these times when the “modern” fire service can get you down.

As such, here are a few of my all-time favorite texts (did you know I can read?)….

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Firehouse.Com – Fire Below! The Importance of the ‘Basement Check’

Be sure to stop by Firehouse.com on Monday, January 5th, to check out TT instructor Nick Martin’s article on size-up issues related to basement fires.  

The article can be found here.

Wet Stuff On the Red Stuff… The Nozzle Position


By: Danny Doyle

Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire

The infamous statement “The fire goes as the first line goes”  has either become a harsh reality to  you or something that you might have read in the latest fire service journals.  We are going to dig into that statement regarding the first line, one position at a time, starting at the tip!   It could be said that this topic has been beat to death, “you can put a monkey at the tip”, or even “this isn’t rocket science!”  Well…  The only way to have a crew with continuity is to know the game plan and know each other!   A “monkey” with a few good techniques, sure, “rocket science”  no.  Common Sense, YES! Continue reading

Rapid Intervention Roles & Responsibilities

Happy Holidays, after a short break for vacation we’re back…  A while ago Brian Rayner asked about some thoughts on RIT responsibilities, so while it took me a while – I usually come through.

I’m going to share with you the recently revised policies for the DCFD on this topic.  Let me start off by saying that I don’t think this “the light”, or the only way.  I do think it’s a good idea, and that they work well.  But ultimately I’m just sharing what we do.  Hopefully you guys have some better ideas to share back, or maybe you’ll pick up something to take back and make work for your department….


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What is a “combat ready” engine company?

Tim Linke from Lincoln, NE sent me this basic but thought provoking inquiry.  We all talk about being “combat ready”.  Weather you use that particular term or not, if you’re reading this you’re probably interested in being your best, A+ performances all the time, etc…

So for those of us in an engine company – WHAT IS COMBAT READY?

dcfd  dsc02735

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Unique Tools of the Trade Part II

The sign above Pete's gear locker at Rescue 2, the true Vulcan God of Fire Lt. Pete Lund

The sign above Pete’s gear locker at Rescue 2, the true Vulcan God of Fire Lt. Pete Lund

To follow up on the previous article, there are two more tools that I wanted to share with all of you. I personally loved carrying these two tools with me when I was assigned to be the driver of the truck at Bailey’s Crosssroads. I currently still carry both of these in my Buggy in Clearwater. But enough from me I will let Pete tell you the story behind these tools and their uses…

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